Biologically active, ecologically clean organic fertilizer with a complex of macro and microelements which is composed of vermicompost, peat and compost. 

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Organomix is a biologically active, ecologically clean organic fertilizer with a complex of macro- and microelements composed of vermicompost, peat and compost. It contains no pathogens and weed-seeds and is safe for use. Organomix is effective for soil and plant health protection, as well as for plant growth and crop yields.



  • Promotes soil structure improvement, making it fertile
  • Gives an opportunity to revive the dead soil due to the great amount of organic substances
  • Promotes rapid flowering of plants and the root growth process, increases the germination capacity and sprouting energy
  • Increases yield and reduces crop maturity dates
  • Increases the content of sugar, proteins and vitamins
  • Increases plant resistance and stability to unfavorable weather conditions, pests and diseases
  • Increases the yield up to 25-40% with much better crop flavor, color and quality


Organic matter:45-57%
Total nitrogen (N):2.0-2.3g/100g
Total phosphorus (P):0.52-1.1g/100g
Potassium (K):0.8-1.5g/100g
Calcium (Ca):8.2g/100g
Magnesium (Mg):0.53g/100g
Sulphate (SO4):31000 mg/kg



Organomix is used in horticulture and for fertilization of all types of crops, ornamental and fruit trees and plants, berries and seedlings in any stage of growth for greenhouse as well as field crops. It can be used for basic fertilization, before or during planting as well as during surface application.

Fertilization norm for ornamental and fruit trees is 3.5-10 kg on average, depending on the age of a tree.

To fertilize crops and berries use on average 1.5-4 kg of Organomix for a square meter of land and 200-250g for each plant.

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