Super Compost


Environmentally natural fertilizers, which is a mixture of decomposed organic matter.

Price is for 1 cubic meter



Super Compost is environmentally natural fertilizers, which is a mixture of decomposed organic matter, and is used to improve soil structure and provide nutrients; it acts as a fertilizer and can also be used as a mulch to suppress weeds and retain moisture. It helps aerate the soil, breaks down organic matter, and helps prevent plant disease owing to the beneficial microorganisms comprised in it.
Super Compost contains nutrients that your plants need for optimum growth; those nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. And it’s a particularly good supplier of micronutrients that are needed in small quantities and are sometimes overlooked by gardeners, including boron, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. In some situations, you will not even need to fertilize the soil enriched with Super Compost.



  • Acts as inoculant to soil adding microorganisms – nature’s soil-builders
  • Its environment is teeming with life, and all types of soil can benefit from such rejuvenation
  • Is a great soil conditioner, also provides nutrients for plants, and helps to retain moisture in the soil

Dry organic mass:49%
Total nitrogen (N):2,40 g/100g
Total phosphorus (P):0,55-1,15 mg/100g
Potassium (K):0,75-1,10 g/100g
Sulphate (SO4):20000 mg/kg
Calcium (Ca):8,30 g/100g
Magnesium (Mg):0,36 g/100g




Super Compost is commonly used as:

  • organic fertilizer
    For 1 ha fertilization norm for Super Compost is 5-12 m3. Super Compost is used in horticulture and for fertilization of all types of crops, trees, berries and seedlings. Each tree requires 5-12 l super compost; for potato, the fertilizing norm is 5-10 m3 per 1 ha.
  • soil amendment
    If you are using the Super Compost as moisture holding mulch – do exactly what you would do with any mulch. Spread it around plants, trees, shrubs – the usual entities in your garden or lawn. Just make sure there is a good 2-5 cm on whatever the surface, and you will be good to go. Just like regular mulches from organic materials, it will break down over time. Simply keep adding to it once or twice a year, and you’ll soon have the healthiest lawn in town, as the compost continually increases the fertility of the soil.
  • moisture holding mulch
    If you use Super Compost as a soil amendment, dig anywhere from 2 to 6 cm down and then throw the compost in there, and mix it in with the rest of the soil at planting time. Your flowers, plants, or whatever you have planted there, will thrive.

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