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ORWACO CJSC is an Armenian-Norwegian joint venture, a “green field” company established in 2011 and located in Armenia. ORWACO harvests nutrient values from recycling organic industrial resources, to produce a variety of organic fertilizers and soil enhancers.

Production is based on natural processes with the aim to close the environmental loop and promote non-waste production. Pure biohumus (vermicompost) received from recycling of organic waste by red Californian worms is the basis for creation of variety of organic fertilizers, which are designed to improve the soil characteristics, to increase productivity and to ensure the healthy growth and development of plants.

All the products of ORWACO have organic certification and are allowed to be used in organic farming.




The idea behind creation of ORWACO was using organic waste as raw material for production of new useful products.  We believe that with our Organic Waste Processing Company (ORWACO) a good start is already made.

The making of ORWACO is a result of consistency in goals, determination and the combination of multinational efforts.

In ORWACO we adopted approaches of circular economy: reduce, reuse and recycle. Thus we contribute to sustainability in agro-ecosystems by using resources in a responsible manner.

Rolf S. Kevin

Co-Founder & shareholder of ORWACO CJSC


Since the university years I have been deeply concerned about the organic residues and wastes. I believe that organic waste should not be seen as a source of environmental pollution; rather it should be seen as a valuable resource that can be transformed into marketable products. Thus, one of my professional dreams became to give a second life to the organic waste.

Surrounded by Armenian and Norwegian caring people and organizations, it became possible to realize the professional dream and to give a second life to the waste.

The three-year joint scientific studies with the Armenian and Norwegian partners gave their results: we succeeded to get high-quality organic fertilizer from the processing of certain organic remnants by red Californian worms and microorganisms. In 2011 on this basis and with joint efforts we established organic waste processing factory ORWACO in the town of Abovyan, Armenia, aiming at closing the environmental loop and promoting sustainable non-waste production.

Expanding its production volumes over time, ORWACO now gives farmers an opportunity to use organic, natural fertilizers in the cultivation of various crops, refraining from harmful chemicals and giving vitamin-rich, safe products.

Lusine Nalbandyan

Co-Founder & CEO of ORWACO CJSC

Our Goal

Our goal is to close the environmental loop and promote non-waste production.

Our Vision

Become the largest manufacturer of organic fertilizers in the region in line with worldwide specifications, which is called with its diverse productions to increase soil fertility and crop yields by creating sustainable agro-ecosystems.

Our Mission

Produce viable fertilizers that provide a healthy, nutritional and microorganism-rich natural environment for plant growth and development, where the roots of plants live in symbioses with soil microflora. Healthy plants, high yields.


Knowledge and professional approach are important investments laid on the base of our activity.



The basis for our growth and development is the production of new and diverse products by ensuring that natural assets can deliver their full economic potential on a sustainable basis.



We are having high level of responsibility towards a dream of our customers to create a “green world”.



We keep boosting a flourishing culture of creativity and inventiveness inside the team in the focus of our attention to meet the needs of our customers.



The respect and trust to each other make the working process enjoyable, stable and reliable.



Our returning customers are the guarantee of our good reputation.

Lusine Nalbandyan


Aghvan Harutyunyan

Production Coordinator

Angela Manukyan

Internal auditor

Elena Tumanyan


Alina Mkrtchyan


Anzhela Ayvazyan

Administrative Assistant

Artur Davtyan

Retail Sales Manager

Robert Yengoyan

Wholesale sales manager

Arshak Mkrtchyan

Wholesale sales manager
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