Consolation of agronomist

Our agronomist is your agronomist.

The main prerequisite for a healthy, attractive, well-cultivated and high yield farm is proper soil cultivation, where the competent selection, grouping and care of plants are essential.

Entrust us the care of your farm and rely on our professionalism.

We offer a complete range of agricultural services which include:

  • visit by a certified agronomist, assessment of terrain conditions;
  • agricultural consulting to address specific issues as well as to provide complete agronomic services during crop vegetation;
  • establishment and maintenance of vegetable gardens, greenhouses, fields and orchards;
  • greenhouse crop management, participation in farm planning;
  • development and implementation of a system of measures to promote growth and development of crops, in particular, the development of the proper nutrition system of plants, application of effective fertilization and nutrition systems;
  • regular monitoring and identification of diseases and pests, as well as development and implementation of control measures at the cultivated area;
  • consulting on chemical and biological pest control methods;
  • crop control and consulting on best crop management techniques to boost fertility;
  • growing, care, treatment and fertilization of seedlings;
  • submission of detailed reports.

Our specialists will provide you with the best management techniques to get excellent results; will care for your vegetable gardens, greenhouses, fields and gardens ensuring high yield and healthy harvest.

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