Faster-acting liquid fertilizer is an extract of biohumus, which contains nutrients, microelements, beneficial microorganisms useful for plant growth. 

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Bio liquid is an extract of biohumus, which contains nutrients, microelements, beneficial microorganisms useful for plant growth. Liquid fertilizer is faster-acting and it can be used in agriculture for all types of crops, vegetables, ornamental and home plants and flowers. Bio liquid provides balanced plant nutrition. Naturally derived microorganisms transform mineral forms from vermicompost into those accessible for plants. It gives plants the quick boost of nutrients they need to grow stronger and be more productive.



  • Activates the natural physiological processes of plant nutrition
  • Increases the plant resistance to unfavorable weather conditions, pests, diseases, frost and transport
  • Promotes the production of B-group vitamins, vitamin C, and antibiotics that protect the plants from phytopathogenic bacteria, thus reducing the need to use fungicides, and increases crop yield (at least by 20%)
  • Accelerates plant natural maturation (for at least 5-8 days)
  • Improves the taste and flavor characteristics, suppresses the development of a number of plant diseases such as rust, mildew, fusarium, scab, and so on


Nitrogen (N):<700 mg/kg
Phosphorus (P): 4.000 -15.000 mg/kg
Potassium (K):20.000 – 200.000 mg/kg
Calcium (Ca): 50.000 -200.000 mg/kg
Magnesium (Mg): 10.000 -40.000 mg/kg
Copper (Cu): <400 mg/kg
Zinc (Zn): <990 mg/kg
Boron (B): <1200 mg/kg
pH:6.8 – 8.1



Bio liquid can be easily applied to all kinds of crops and plants in any stage of growth through drip irrigation, spraying or sprinkling (if necessary, the solution can be filtered before filling into the sprinkler). It can be used for greenhouse and field crops production.

One liter of bio liquid needs to be diluted in 10 liter of water and shaken before use. Fertilization can be repeated every 7-14 days.

Owing to its numerous beneficial nutrients it can be effective even in small quantities.

In case of leaf fertilization, you can use 3-5l of bio liquid for 1000 square meters of land, but the quantity and frequency of use depends on the type of plant and soil quality.

It can be used in combination with insecticides and for your plant.

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