Ecologically clean, biologically active organic fertilizer which is derived from the accelerated biological degradation of organic wastes by interactions between Red Californian worms and microorganisms.

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Biohumus occupies a unique place in the range of organic fertilisers. It is an ecologically pure and biologically active fertiliser, which is derived from the accelerated biological degradation of organic wastes by interactions between earthworms and microorganisms. It is a crumbly fertiliser with a pleasant scent and looks like black soil. It contains necessary micro and macronutrients, enzymes, vitamins, humic substances and hormones necessary for plant growth and development. It is loaded with the microorganisms which create and maintain healthy soil.




  • Revitalizes, enriches the soil and improves its structure
  • Provides with the main nutrients such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and all macro and micronutrients
  • Contains numerous beneficial bacteria, vitamins, nutritional supplements for crops and roots system growth
  • Greatly increases the yield and taste of grown products
  • Improves the aeration of soil
  • Increases water holding capacity
  • Increases the resistance of plants, prevents soil salinization, hardening and erosion


Organic matter:56%
Total nitrogen (N):2.1-2.5g/100g
Total phosphorus (P):0.85-2.0g/100g
Potassium (K):0.51-1.72g/100g
Calcium (Ca):8.4g/100g
Magnesium (Mg):0.67g/100g
Sulphate (SO4):15000 mg/kg



Biohumus can directly be mixed with your potting or garden soil, immediately or throughout the gardening season. It can be used during growing of seedlings, spring and autumn fertilization and surface application during the vegetation.

Fertilization norm of Biohumus is 3.5-6 tons for 1 ha of soil and 4.5-6 tons to make the dead soil alive. Overfertilization with biohumus is impossible: the more, the better.

To fertilize your home plants just spread biohumus on the soil surface. It is preferable to mix it with the soil around the plant by hoeing it, and then water. During transplanting insert 150-200 grams of biohumus into each hole, which will give plants a great start in growth and development.


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