Granulated Biohumus


Bioactive organic fertilizer derived from granulation of pure biohumus /vermicompost/. 

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Granulated biohumus is a bioactive 100% organic fertilizer derived from 100% biohumus /vermicompost/. No chemicals are added. The manufacturing process involves vermicomposting of organic matter that converts organic substrates into a high quality humus-rich dark colored soil-like biohumus, which is then granulated using our proprietary granulation process. The granules reduce the bulkiness of vermicompost, facilitate easy handling, storage, and are ideal for mechanized field application.



  • Dark spherical granules of 3mm to 5mm diameter
  • Improves the soil physical, chemical and biological properties
  • Increases organic content of the soil to sustain growth of soil micro-organisms that play a significant role in nutrient uptake and health of the plant
  • Improves CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) of the soil
  • Adjusts soil pH for better nutrient uptake from the soil and growth of many crops
  • Conserves soil moisture so that frequent watering is unnecessary
  • It is free of seeds of weeds
  • Slow release organic fertilizer, with consistent release of essential plant nutrients to feed plants, re-mineralize the soil and stimulate a diversity of microorganisms


Organic matter:>65%
Total nitrogen (N):2.1-2.8g/100g
Total phosphorus (P):0.80-2.0g/100g
Potassium (K):0.56-2.0g/100g
Calcium (Ca):8.1g/100g
Magnesium (Mg):0.71g/100g
Sulphate (SO4):17000 mg/kg


Fertilization norm of Granulated biohumus is 2.5-5 tons for 1 ha of soil. Overfertilization with granulated biohumus is also impossible: the more, the better.

Granulated biohumus is used:

  • Locally together with plant seeds or planting material
  • Before sowing or planting with disc spreaders and then adding to the soil
  • At the beginning of vegetation
  • In later stages of vegetation when vegetables are grown in greenhouses and outdoors,
  • Spreading in all directions when fertilizing potted flowers
  • In horticulture and berry breeding, spreading in all directions under the fruit trees and berry bushes,
  • When fertilizing strawberries and raspberries, prior to the installation of strawberry and raspberry farms, apply additionally in late autumn or early spring at the beginning of vegetation

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