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Nutritious, biologically pure growing media for all kinds of seedlings, home and garden flowers, herbs, plants and vegetables. 

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Super Mix is a nutritious, biologically pure growing medium for all kinds of seedlings, home and garden flowers, herbs, plants and vegetables. It is a mixture of peat, compost, vermicompost, perlite and pumice developed to help supply plants with nutrients necessary for their growth. It does not contain pathogens and is safe for use. Container plants and seedlings thrive best when they have plenty of drainage and start out in a sterile environment.
Super Mix is designed to stay “fluffy” and not compact too much in the challenging environment of containers. It won’t dry out too quickly, but will resist compacting, so that the plant’s roots can take up water and moisture from their surroundings. The roots will also have access to oxygen, which means that the medium is not too dense.



  • Possesses natural pH level and clotted structure
  • Provides rich content of organic matter, trace elements and nutrients necessary for plant growth
  • Moisture retentive (hold water to save you money watering too frequently)
  • Light and airy (so plants can easily take root and access oxygen in the soil)
  • Does not contain pathogens and is safe for use
  • Supports faster growth of plants


Organic matter:70-83%
Total nitrogen (N):2200mg/l
Total phosphorus (P):1200 mg/kg
Potassium (K):3300 mg/kg
Calcium (Ca):17000 mg/kg
Magnesium (Mg):5800 mg/kg
Sulphate (SO4):2700 mg/kg



Super Mix is used for horticulture, for all types of home and garden flowers, as well for seedlings.

To cultivate seedlings pour Super Mix in corresponding pots then sow and water the seed.

Home plants and flowers can be cultivated right in Super Mix or transferred into it.
Berries can also be cultivated right in Super Mix.

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